Mamamoo’s Moonbyul & Wheein filming Hello Counselor

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Secret Schedule?

APink fan sites who were at KBS to record APink’s Namjoo and Chorong’s arrival to film “Hello Counselor” also caught a surprise pair of guests—Mamamoo’s Moonbyul and Wheein!

Mamamoo’s company, RBW, has not officially released confirmation that the two Mamamoo members are taping KBS’s variety “Hello Counselor” but, timing of the fansite photos and Wheein’s most recent daily memo appear to be strong evidence backing current speculation.

Update: A instagram photo shows Moonbyul and Wheein on the set of Hello Counselor

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Previously on Hello Counselor

If fans are right, this will be the second time Mamamoo members have appeared on the show; Solar and Moonbyul making their first variety show appearance on Hello Counselor right after debut in 2014. You can watch their first appearance below:

Hello Counselor is a variety talk show where guests tell their stories and the audience votes on if those stores are something to be concerned about.

Mamamoo Leaving KBS Hello Counselor Taping

Mamamoo fansites, now since alerted to their whereabouts, were on the scene to capture Moonbyul and Wheein on their way back from KBS.

Mamamoo’s Moonbyul & Wheein filming Hello Counselor
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