Mamamoo to comeback in November with “Memory” mini-album

Initial Announcement

Last week, in the Official Fancafe, Moonbyul announced a contest for Moomoos to guess the name of the title track for Mamamoo’s impending comeback. To aid Moomoos, this announcement was accompanied with a photo that would serve as a hint.

Title Track Name Revealed: Decalcomanie

This Tuesday, at 10AM KST, RBW revealed the answer: Mamamoo’s title track for their comeback would be called “Decalcomanie”. Decalcomanie is an art technique used to create mirror images. In Korean, the term is used to refer to people who resemble each other (h/t Mamamoo Trans).

Previous mentions of Decalcomanie

In typical Mamamoo spoilery fashion, this is not the first time members of Mamamoo have used this term. It was first heard on MMMTV Season 2, episode 5 to refer to the similarities and friendship between Solar and Wheein, and from there became an unofficial nickname for Mamamoo’s Angel Line.

Details about “Memory” Mini Album, Comeback Date Announced

In addition to the name of the title track, RBW revealed to news outlets more comeback details. Mamamoo will be making their comeback on November 7th, 2016 with a mini album titled “Memory”. Mamamoo will shed their playful beagle image to take on a concept and story that they have carefully developed over time.

“Memory” Tracklist Speculation

Fans who have been waiting for news, immediately took to speculating about everything from the concept to the tracklist. Many believe that the title “Memory” is indicative of a compilation of previously released songs, including Moosical songs “Dab Dab”, “Angel”, “Moderato” and “Never Letting Go”, as well as pre-release “New York”.

Details about “Memory” including the tracklist as well as teaser photos and video are expected to be released as November 7th draws near. Stay tuned at Moomoo-Cafe for more information about the “Memory” era.

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