Decalcomanie Demystified: Definition and Pronunciation Guide

'The Entire City' by Max Ernst, oil on canvas, 1935-6

Earlier on Tuesday morning, it was officially revealed that Mamamoo would be making a comeback led by title track named “Decalcomanie”.

The unique and unusual term immediately raised questions by Moomoos. Moomoo-Cafe hopes to shed light on the term for those who are curious.

Decalcomanie Definition

Décalcomanie is a french origin for Decalcomania, an art technique involving moving designs from paper onto another object. It is the origin for the word “decal”. In Korea, “decalcomanie” refers to two people who look alike.

How to pronounce Decalcomanie?

English Prounciation (Male)

French Prounciation (Male)


French Prounciation (Female)

Korean Prounciation

Decalcomanie Examples

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