Mamamoo release Group Teaser for Memory

After taking a break for the weekend, RBW has resumed the release of teasers for Mamamoo’s upcoming “Memory” mini-album. The latest teaser features all of Mamamoo. Each member is wearing a black leather outfit evoking images of spy thriller femme fatales. Along with the image, RBW announced that that Mamamoo’s transformation into strong and chic bond girls will be revealed on November 7th (h/t realladymoo).

Mamamoo Decalcomanie Group Teaser

Moosical Hint Revealed?

Two weeks ago, when Moonbyul first announced the contest to guess the name of the title track for Mamamoo’s upcoming comeback, she told Moomoos that a clue could be found in the banter from their Moosical concert. Shortly after the release of the latest teaser, Moomoo xxxyvonneyu22 posted a short 2 second clip of Moonbyul during Moosical that could possibly be the hint that was being referred to. In it, Moonbyul points to the audience saying ‘they are all my spy’.


Once again, Moomoos who were around for Mamamoo’s Piano Man promotions were reminded of the stage where Mamamoo took on various roles, particularly Moonbyul’s role as a bond girl from the 007 movies.

Mamamoo will be releasing “Decalcomanie” the title track for mini-album “Memory” on November 7th.

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