What Does Your Username Mean?

It's as boring as it can get. Alex for my name and 97 for my birth year (1997). See? Boring. No creativity input at all lol

What's yours and how did it become like that?
haha, I think mine is pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to have a nickname that had to do with mamamoo but I tried a bunch and they were all taken....so finally I came up with moomooma, which I thought was pretty funny. (I have a lame sense of humor...)
I was too lazy to think about one. I had no nice ideas and I didn't want to use the username I keep on using. I needed a new one. I wrote down pink_panties telling myself: ''It must already be taken''... but to my surprise it wasn't. hahaha

I needed an easy one.
Pretty WheeIn! Pretty much, she's so beautiful! Lol I get slay everytime.
Mine is because although I love all the Mamamoo members, Wheein is my favourite and rather than calling her princess, I liked this alternative better Cute Her charisma as a performer is similar to mine so she is also an inspiration to train harder and hone my own skills. I am nowhere near as good a pop vocalist as her (I only sing some Musical Theatre, but in my hip-hop/pop music I rap based on my Spoken Word background), but in my dreams at night I can sing like Wheein (or Hwasa or Solar) - I cry!!! They're so beautiful, talented, amazing! I'm working harder as an artist so I can one day work with artists I am fans of, such as Wheein/Mamamoo (please, Moonbyul, teach me how to be a crisp rapper like you... haha)!
My username is actually from my car's plate number xD
I just combined Mamamoo's fandom name with my namexD
Mine was my Runescape username years ago lol. I always use it since it's 99% of the time available haha! xD
Well My nickname is Rose And my last name is Vo therefore ROSEVO :)))))))))
Since solar is my bias, I used her nickname twice so that it sounds like their intro. I say Yeba Yeba Moo~~

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