[INTRODUCTION] Moomoo from Singapore ♡♡♡
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Hello everyone! I'm a new member of this forum! :)) I have been a Moomoo since Mr Ambiguous came out but I didn't know where to share my love for MAMAMOO with others except at their YouTube videos Winking_tongue_out Winking_tongue_out Winking_tongue_out  I'm so grateful to have found this forum and I look forward to fangirling (or boying hahaa) over MMM with all yall!!! :DDD

Much love to everyone ❤❤❤
Hi I am Moomoo Fans from Singapore too, i find out this Mamamoo from a Youtube video this year, i so in love with their song. Been follow them ever since. I find they are so Talented with their Song writting, Singing and Dance. They are so sweet to even meet up with their Fans. Blushing . I even have follow them at the Vlive, so happy to chat with their a few days ago.

I hope to meet up with more Mamamoo Fans in Singapore.

So happy that they have now more then 80,000 Fans. Angel 

I ask them to come to Singapore, I hope that we can see them live in SG. Shy
oh hi! moomoo from singapore too hHAHA
hope that mamamoo comes to singapore one day :')
yes i did ask Mamamoo to come to Singapore when Moonbyul and Solar was doing a V Live ..

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