What do you usually do that cheers you up?
I don't know, I just felt like posting some random topics~ even to get to know you guys better, it's always nice to make new friends, specially if they like mamamoo too

I like to read good fanfictions (this really cheers me up, someone undersand me?), and walking by mylself somewhere really calm with a cool breeze, I like the fresh feeling of doing this.
Listen to cool and old school-ish ballads cheers me up too, good music is always welcome.
Mamamoo vids too, I watch them specially when I'm not in a good mood so when I see them being all funny and stuff I just get happier  Shy

Can't wait to read your answers! <3

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Oh hi! Always nice to see new topics on the moomoo cafe!
Rather than try to cheer up, I usually try to relax. Usually when I'm depressed or sad, it means I'm worrying about something, so I just try to relax.
Usually that means calling my friends over to my house and playing some music on the stereo and talking about things...
Other than that, I just sneak into the community pool and lie in the shade.

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