[INTRODUCTION] Another new(ish) Canadian 무무!
안녕! Hi folks! I've been lurking on here since before I went to KCON NY in June. I haven't had a lot of time to do anything else really since I'm busy volunteering with a lot of Korean initiatives (I'm not Korean) because I'm trying to make my master plan of hosting a concert stage for Mamamoo happen asap. 

I see quite a few Canadian Moomoos here in Toronto too, so hallo! 

Bit more about me, for those in Toronto - I volunteer with gocollo.com, a Toronto-based language exchange meetup for Korean and English, and there's quite a few of us there that really love Mamamoo. I'm also a writer for Soju Wave, and that's actually why I had to make a post here - I don't know if this is officially soliciting, but I was hoping you all could show us a little love because I wrote a 7 page article on 우리 마마무 here.

In Toronto, we're also keeping tabs on Kim's Convenience, this new variety show that's all about a Korean family, set in Toronto. Aside from that, there's this awesome group called the Korean Professional Women's Association (KPWA) who are currently accepting members who aren't Korean or women, go figure..... But no, they're awesome, and I'm hoping they can help us make this dream come true too. 

Lastly, even if you take down that part of me asking to show some love for Soju Wave, I just wanted to let you guys, especially in Toronto, that there are people around you who are working hard to bring 우리 마마무 here, and that if you want to do something to help, you're more than welcome to. Once we promote my 7 page article on our Facebook page, I had already asked my teammate to give the Moomoo Cafe a shoutout, so please watch out for that :) 

Much love Heart Heart Heart

Canadian Kuma (Bear)

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