[HELP!] Mamamoo's 900 days gift
Hi everyone!

So, as you all know, Mamamoo's 900th days since debut is coming and there's a well known Mamamoo's translator - tgc. - who's doing a project for the girls and she needs your help!

She would like to compile 900 pictures of Moomoos doing the 'I love you' sign into a video. She now has 369 of them. I'll put the picture and the link to participate bellow, please let me know if you have questions or anything. If you don't have a Twitter account, it would be my pleasure to give her your pictures myself. :)

To participate: https://twitter.com/mmmtrashTGC/status/8...7124278272

[Image: CyKhU2cVEAADhAL.jpg][Image: CyKhVgSUsAEabl9.jpg][Image: CyKhWH9UQAA_z1B.jpg]

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