(2016-03-24, 01:51 AM)iamhungrry Wrote:
(2016-03-23, 11:01 PM)dani Wrote: Thankss! :) and I don't I'm sorry D: I mostly learn them by ear and improvise, and then I forget it the next day after recording. My brain is a trash can haha. So it would be hard for me to do tutorials. I am thankful for your interest though! :)

Hahaha. I understand though.:))My brain works the same way in school.;))

Your covers are really awesome!:) Keep them up.:)

Thanks! It's comments like yours that keep me going!
Hello everyone (those who are still active on this forum)! I hope you all are doing great.
I uploaded a new cover today...even though the song came out a year ago. But hey, better late than never! :D Enjoy and happy listening fellow moomoos! <3


I haven't seen a post on this forum in forever!

Is this forum still active or is it just you and I? LOL

Amazing cover btw!

[Image: ixUYkJm.gif]

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